lunes, 1 de mayo de 2017


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My favoutirte TV programme is called  'The Voice Kids'. It's a popular TV show which is shown on Telecinco every Friday. It's a singing competition and every week the judges, who are famous singer, vote for the children that do it the best in the audition.

There are three judges in the shown. Two men who are called Antonio Orozco and David Bisbal, and one woman called Rosario Flores. I think that the judges are kind and funny. For me Antonio Orozco is the best. I love his song.
Every week the judges listen to the children singing without looking at them and they decide if they like them or not. After the children sing , then the judges discuss with eachother ande decide who wins the contest.

All in all, I'd recommended this programme because it's very interesting to watch, and it's very nice and exciting to listen to young children singing so well.
I think that the children have a lot of talent and over time they could be fantastic singer.

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