sábado, 7 de noviembre de 2015


                                             A PERSONAL DESCRIPTION.

I´m going to write about my image. I´m very trendy, I usually wear jeans and a T-shirt or a coat with the converse .However I wear smart clothes, for example, a dress or a skirt on special occasions, as when I go to the cinema. I usually wear make-up, but I hardly ever wear jewellery.

THREE THINGS THAT I LOVE. The first thing that I like is going shopping on Friday evenings after school and on Friday evenings. I like handing out my friends and having some drinks. The second things that I like doing is watching films with my family on rainy sundays, eating popcorn and being covered in blankets. A perfect Sundays. The third thing that I like doing is being with my mobile on social medio or taking photos.

THREE THINGS THAT I DON´T LIKE. I don´t like mean people who never help other people. The second things that I don´t like is doing homerwook, it´s very boring. I don´t like when I want to see my friends and they make me wait for the them, either.

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