martes, 10 de noviembre de 2015

My town


I live in a small village close to salobreña called Guajar Faraguit. 40 years ago the village was a lot different, it was much bigger and the population was higher, especially in between the children. The village is located in the mountains, in the old days the people used to work in the countryside , they still do, to  the most popular things that  grown are olive strees and almond trees.
 There didn't use to be any  shops, or bars, or nice houses, now there are nice houses and a small shop, but people tend to drive to Motril to do their shopping, which is around 29 minutes from the village. The transport and roads  are very different, the road   before was made of sovie  and hardly anyone had a car, nowadays the majority of people have either a car or motorbike. There were lots of children in the school in the past, but now the school has split into 3, having one school in each village.
 People used to wash their clothes by walking all the way to the river which is located 5 minutes from the village, and the children used to go out and play in the streets. The most traditional food here is 'migas'. My ancestors have lived here for a long time. My grandparents say that fewer people are living here as time goes on and that if people don't start moving here the village will be left with no habitants. In my opinion,  I hate the village, it's very boring and there are no teenagers.

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